Hannah R.


Strong wi-fi signal!

Aside from the painfully easy installation, the wifi signal is outstanding. If anyone tells you differently about this product, that reviewer must have lead lined walls in their home, or there is some user error to blame.

10/07/2022  |  Verified Customer

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"Great connection!"

My husband and his friends have been hanging out in the garage trying to shape surfboards and our internet sucks there. We have been using this in the man cave for a week now and it really works well. Wi-Fi signal is great with 10 gadgets connected. No issues, no complaints and a good buy. Everyone of his friends buying this brand. Highly recommended.

T. Brown  |  Verified Customer

"I could hardly be more enthusiastic about Omega WiFi Amp"

I could hardly be more enthusiastic about this product. Not once but TWICE it has made a huge difference for me. I watched my so and all those living in his apartment complex (with 12 units) SO frustrated at the weak WiFi signal, we made the WHOLE apartment building THRILLED with their WiFi experience. Their download experience literally increased by 10X. So, I then bought one for my brother-in-law's cabin. Their router down the hill put off a HORRIBLE signal. Then we amped it up with this extender and now the four-bedroom cabin is PERMEATED with a strong WiFi signal. Just this weekend I enjoyed the strong signal. And I was a HERO for introducing it. Be a hero yourself. I genuinely recommend you get this and take away your weak-signal frustrations and get Omega WiFi Amp.

Ron F.  |  Verified Customer


Installation is a breeze — just plug in the Omega WiFi Amp and experience fast and reliable WiFi


Omega WiFi Amp works with all brands of wireless devices, both old and new


Features Fast 2.4 GHz data transmission and data transfer up to 300Mbps


Increase your WiFi range without upgrading your service or paying extra fees


Take it with you when you travel and plug it in wherever you go


WPS connection button ensures that your connection is always protected against unauthorized access

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